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For anyone who's seen him in action, it's no surprise that Galen Waling is a rising force in the world of machine rock and industrial metal. A flashy, hard-hitting drummer with sharp skills and metronome timing, Galen has been on a tear of late, touring the U.S. and Canada with Left Spine Down, Sounds of Mass Production (SMP), Stiff Valentine and Unit:187 to name but a few.


Born in 1986 in Woodinville, WA, Galen is an American/Canadian dual-citizen who's been abusing drum kits since elementary school, in both Jazz and Symphonic band, and started taking private lessons from Donn Bennett Drum Studio since age 16. He draws on a deep classical and jazz base to bring the most flourish, strength and technique to the stage and studio. 


"My favorite drumming is jazz," Galen says. "It has so much feel and groove to it and rock incorporates a lot of jazz into it as well. I think that has shaped my drumming the most over the years even though I mainly play rock/industrial, but if you ever hear me play you can definitely tell I used to play jazz." Those who've worked with him speak highly of his chops, his adaptability and his professionalism.


But don't take it from this writer:


"A drummer's drummer. Flash on the stage and no bullshit off the stage." - Jason Bazinet, Front Line Assembly, 16volt, Chemlab, SMP;


"He's the most photogenic little bastard this band has ever seen, aside from myself, of course. Galen Waling is a true soldier for the cause, one strong mofo, a fighter till the end. A very dedicated and talented drummer, Galen had made our songs his own on the MIDI GHETTO tour, all the while introducing a strong and positive presence to the group. Money? Cars? Women? Fuck all that. Give Galen a pair of sticks and the rest will be sure to follow." - kAINE D3L4Y, Left Spine Down;


"Attitude + Aptitude = Galen Waling. Always prepared, always productive, and always reliable. He's a go-to guy for studio drum tracks, live shows, and touring." - "Loud" Chris DeMarcus – Stiff Valentine, Ex-Dismantled;


"From the first time I saw Galen perform, I knew he was a dedicated profesional and a talented musician.  The kind of person that I would gladly share the stage with.  As fate would have it, we ended up working together on live performances for Unit 187, and I'm glad to say my instincts about Galen were right.  He is a tireless performer I can trust to get things right.  He works his ass off without complaint, supports a team, and for that matter, a family environment with his bandmates which is of upmost importance to me.  We learn from each other, support each other, and grow with each other's blessings.  What more could you want from anyone who shares your passion for music?" - Chris Peterson (Ex-FLA, Decree, Ohm);


"Not only is Galen an amazing drummer with powerful chops and showmanship, he's a cool cat to have around on tour. He's a true talent and team player, the two fundamental necessities that make one a valuable addition to any touring band." - Justin Bennett (Skinny Puppy, MLWTTKK, PMM);


In his recent work, Galen has crushed as a pinch-hitter, filling in on short notice for tours with Left Spine Down, SMP, 16volt and Stiff Valentine. LSD and SV have since added him to their rosters full-time.


Beyond these bands, Galen has been produced and recorded by Jules Hodgson (KMFDM, Pig), Brian Diemar (ex-Ministry & Revco), Jeremy Inkel (FLA, LSD), Steven Bier, Jr. (ex-Marilyn Manson), Dave "Rave" Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy, Marilyn Manson, LSD etc) and Glenn Reely (FLA, Fear Factory, LSD etc). Bands on his resume include Desillusion (ft. Westin Of TKK), SMP (ft. members of 16volt, Chemlab, FLA), Uglyhead, Stiff Valentine (members of Dismantled, FLA, Landscape Body Machine), Left Spine Down (ft. members of FLA), 16volt, Unit:187 (ft. members of Decree, and ex members of FLA, Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad, Zimmers Hole) and Stayte (ft. members of REVCO). You can listen to Galens' drumming on recently released records by Vancouver industrial monsters Left Spine Down ("Caution" out on Metropolis Records) and Stiff Valentine ("America Bleeding" out on WTII Records), and all the tours and guest spots he can sink his teeth into. He is available for touring, private instruction, clinics, studio, and session work. You won't regret it!


Written by: Adam K. Johnson